M O V E by M A D I

As most of you know I have been dealing with health issues for the past two years, but more serious issues occurred a little over four months ago when I wound up in the ER for having very scary and intense heart episodes and at the point I either thought I was going to die or if I’m being brutally honest here, I wanted to die.

I am given very strict instructions by my doctors, nutritionist and therapist along with medications and supplements and started fighting for my life it feels like. It was hard for me to want to eat, want to wake up in the morning, to move, to walk but I did it. Everyday was and sometimes still is a challenge.

One day I received a message from Madi on Instagram telling me she wants to help me. We followed each other for a while and I thought she always seemed like a sweet and obviously extremely fit person but I have to admit, anything fitness related had me skeptical. I, for one, at the time was on major exercise restriction (slow walking every morning), and my diet was limited but I didn’t want any other restrictions added to my life and most of the fitness programs out there are extremely restricting and are only a lose weight quick fix program and I wanted nothing to do with that. Not only do restrictions add stress to my life but they can become harmful habits mentally, but something in me told me to at least hear her out- at this point I had nothing to lose.

We scheduled a call so that she could understand a little more about what my needs were and honestly the entire time we talked, I knew that she was meant to come into my life at this very moment- to become another tool in my healing process. Not once did I get the impression that her programs were meant to restrict anyone, but most importantly she knew that I (and most everyone who she comes into contact with) needed to heal not only physically but mentally. She asked me what my goals were and what were the things that i felt stressed me out the most in my life so that we could work on them together. I felt extremely comfortable speaking with her and opened up about all aspects in my life I needed to work on- I think she was actually shocked at how open and honest I was with her but it all felt right. We talked about my relationships, my full-time job, my blog, and more. We got down into the nitty gritty and I could tell there was absolutely zero judgement, and everything she replied with was so spot on with what I needed to hear at the time. This girl knows what she is doing and it is embed in her heart to help others, it is absolutely her purpose in life!

After we got off the phone she sent me multiple podcasts to listen to based on what her and I had discussed over the phone. She also sent me goals each week catered to the topics we discussed and for the next month she was my personal mental accountability partner, who checked in on me at least twice a week. Sent me new podcasts, goals, and even affirmation cards. What she did for me, this blog will never do it justice and I will never be able to explain how much she helped me through this tough time. It was divine timing and one thing I know for sure and that she taught me through resources is that the universe is always on your side- and this was one of the times that I can confirm that.

If you’re looking for a lose weight quick fix, Madi is not for you. If you’re looking for an actual attainable lifestyle change catered to your needs, accountability for mental and physical health, and results that will last you a lifetime- Madi is absolutely that person for you. This blog post was in no way asked for by her, it was something I took upon myself to do because of how much I believe everyone needs Madi in their life. Even if its just for one month, just trust me.

Madi has multiple programs that cater to your lifestyle and goals. Since I started working with her she has grown and has added more programs like the Move Month Club, which I personally LOVE! Here is a list of her services, and watch out for specials too, she is always running them! Keep in mind, each client starts with a one on one phone session with Madi followed by weekly goals and daily check-ins.

  • Personal 4 Week Accountability Coaching: $150 (when added to a personalized guide $50)
  • Personalized 4 Week Workout and Nutrition Guides: $200-$250
  • The Move Monthly Club, a monthly subscription club that provides daily workouts, tutorials, accountability, live workouts, mini challenges, and more: 1 month-$25, 3 months-$20/month, 6 months- $15/month
  • Workout and Nutrition Guides, all priced differently and available on her website

If you want to learn more about these guides and what Madi has to offer, you can visit her instagram or her website!

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