Intuitive Life Coaching: My Expierence

Intuitive Life Coaching: My Personal Experience

Kessley, The Gypsy Life Coach, and I connected through social media. We both don’t really remember how but we just clicked immediately. I was drawn to her high vibe, her positive posts, and eventually even joined her secret (not so secret now) Facebook group called The Gypsy Clique. If you are not a member I highly suggest you join, it’s a positive high vibe group of individuals who lean on each other for positivity. Kessley also does weekly readings on Monday which are SO FUN.

I never even knew that there were such things as a ‘Life Coach’ until I connected with Kessley. I wasn’t even sure what it was or how it benefited people. As I continued following her, she lifted me up, believed in me, even when I didn’t ask for it. She saw something in me that I didn’t know I had and whether she knows this or not she really helped me along my journey since we connected and in my blog. I hit a pretty low point and I just knew deep down in my heart that I needed to really connect with Kessley and use her services and not just through social media. I decided to go with the Intuitive Life Coaching Session because I felt I needed her services on more of a personal level than a business level. You have to go with what you feel you need most, and in my gut I knew I needed that.

We discussed my options over a phone call and ended up scheduling my first session that same week, she just so happened to have a cancellation the day I was available, DIVINE TIMING! I was nervous at first because it is extremely difficult for me to be vulnerable but I really trusted her and she made me feel so comfortable through the entire process before going into my session making sure I knew exactly how it worked. It really just felt good and ‘yummy’ (that’s her word and I love it so much). She suggested for our session I get into comfy clothes, be in a place I can relax, and create a soothing environment. You all know I have no problem with being comfy!

About 20 minutes before our session I got into my pajamas, turned the light off in my bedroom, lit a candle, and turned on some soothing music. Kessley called to begin our session and walked me through the first steps. She asked me to stretch and then had me do some breathing techniques which setup the session to be very comfortable, zero tension. During the session Kessley spoke about some things that she could sense, and everything was very spot on. That lead into our discussion of my sickness. I ended up in the ER back in July due to a virus that caused me to lose balance in my inner ear. She immediately sensed something with my left ear and neck. Four days later I had a gallbladder attack and I’m still dealing with pain and nausea and she picked up on that as well. This sickness has taken me out of what I knew as a normal life. She gave me intense encouragement and loving guidance. She told me things to ask my doctor as she was in the medical field at one point in her life. She gave me advice on diet, things to stop eating, and things to start eating. I needed to hear her words and advice. It lit a fire under me and gave me hope that I am going to get through this. We also discussed my personal life struggles, relationships, and everything that I looked at so negatively in my life, she helped me look at it in a positive way, and gave me the tools I need in order to continue having a positive perspective moving forward. Everything about the session was extremely positive. I felt so relaxed, uplifted, POWERFUL and just so at peace when we were finished and I cannot wait to continue working with her.

This one session in itself was life changing. So if you’re feeling like you’re stuck personally in life, stressed about a relationship or a life event, need advice and guidance on a business level, or if you just need a better understanding of your life’s purpose and the tools to use on an everyday basis, I highly suggest a life coach. Even if it’s just a one-time session or multiple, invest in yourself. I think most of us can admit we put everything else first before ourselves, but it’s very important to fill your cup and realize your life’s potential. Self-care is extremely important and when we don’t take care of ourselves we have nothing to give, and you are on this Earth for a reason, we need you.

Kessley is extremely gifted and there is no doubt she has found her purpose, to help people! To get $99 OFF Concierge Intuitive Text Coaching, use code: GODDESS11. Expires: December 1, 2018. Details: Available to sign up Friday-Sunday by 2pm EST, get unlimited texting with Kessley! To get in contact with her or schedule a session, you can visit her website

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  1. Brittany Johnson
    November 1, 2018 / 2:37 am

    Thanks for sharing! I may need to check her out!

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