Habit Hand Tied Extension Q+A

If you are following me on Instagram (hintofstrawberry) you have probably noticed I recently went into Blo. Beauty Bar to get the Habit Hand Tied Extensions by Brittnye (brittdrews) and Shante (onebeatbeauty) and I am here to say I absolutely LOVE them.

I wanted to have my extensions for a little bit before I wrote this blog post and Q+A so that I could write an honest review.

To start off, I would like to say I came from tape in extensions and before that I did clip ins. I had them on for a little under a year and I did love them but there were a few cons to the extensions. For instance, the tape poking through when they grew out and the exposure of the extensions when putting my hair up in any way. I also had some problems with them getting tangled in the back and so constantly brushing throughout the day was a must, and sleeping with your hair in braids was crucial, but in my opinion the pros of having long thick hair outweighed those cons.

Fast forward to Hand-Tied extensions. I honestly don’t know why I waited so long to make the transition but I am glad I did. The cons of tape-ins went away. They are seamless, so that you can’t see where they are whether you have your hair up or down. So far, even after many washes, the beach, the pool, etc. I haven’t had issues with tangling at all and I no longer have to wear my hair in a braid at night, but I still do sometimes because I love the effortless wave it gives. They feel a bit more heavy than tape ins but that also could be because I had them put in more hair. It’s not an uncomfortable ‘heavy’ it just took a couple of days to get used to, just like any extension would. I went with the 22-inch extensions with 3 rows in two colors to give a bit of dimension.


Q: Does it hurt getting your extension put in? Are you sore after?

A: I am going to start this question off stating that I am very hard-headed and have a high pain tolerance. You have to practically be ripping the hair out of my head for it to hurt. I was also warned from the beginning by the girls at Blo. that I will have soreness afterward. To me it did not hurt, but I could see how it could a bit if you were tender headed-but it really isn’t that bad at all (worth it). I prepared for soreness by taking aleve right before they started the install and one right before I went to bed. By doing that I had only a little bit of soreness and had zero issues sleeping on them that night. The next day I was fine! So just be preventative is my suggestion.

Q: How much do Habit Hand Tied Extensions cost?

A: Hand Tied Extensions start at $600. The cost depends on the length and number of rows. Blo. offers FREE consultations for people who are interested in extensions and I highly recommend doing that. The way it works is you pay for the hair (which is why the up front cost is more expensive), the install which is $300, and then after that your move ups are $150. Move ups are recommended every 6-8 weeks depending on growth.

Q: Are they easy to wash? What about drying and styling?

A: Depends on what you consider easy. It obviously is very different from washing your own hair, but I wouldn’t consider it hard. I recommend just brushing your hair before you get into the shower, only washing your roots with shampoo and the rest of the hair with conditioner. Air drying is best and styling is super easy, it’s like styling your own hair just a little more of it!

Q: Do they tangle? (Specifically at the root)

A: No. I have gotten asked this a lot. I think maybe because other extensions may tangle easily but these do not. I haven’t had any problems with matting or tangling, even after my first wash. PRAISE!

Q: Do they damage your hair?

A: I have not had a move up yet nor have I had them on long enough to know or to be able to answer the question fully but I think with any type of extension there is going to be some damage. Some more than others, but from word of mouth I have heard that it is the least (to zero) damaging extension method there is out there.

Pros + Cons


  • They look the most natural, and are unnoticeable when putting my hair up.
  • They give me a ton of volume and length! I have naturally very thin hair.
  • They’re durable. I don’t have to worry about brushing, washing, working out. etc.
  • They’re comfortable. Easy to sleep in, to put in a ponytail etc.
  • I feel that these extensions are better for long-term wear than any other extension out there.
  • No tangling or matting at the root. Not having to constantly brush all day or wear my hair in braids at night.


  • Most expensive extension up front. (but worth the investment in my opinion)
  • Sore after install. (this is with any extension install)

All in all I think Habit Hand Tied Extensions are worth the investment. Especially because I have used different methods in the past, these are by far my favorite and feel and look the most natural. To schedule a FREE consultation for Habit Hand Tied Extensions at Blo. Beauty Bar, call (405) 286-2900