Yesterday I posted stories about how I organized my closet and how I was able to get multiple items into a smaller space. I thought I would go ahead and link everything for you all so that you have access to it! As you also heard in my stories, I have a few more items on the way that I will make sure to share with you as well once they come in.

(Click on the picture of the item you’re interested in and it will take you directly to the link)

Shoe organizers. These are adjustable so that you can make them shorter or taller for the shoe you are using. Perfect for fitting more shoes on a shelf.


Hanging sweater organizer. This is perfect for smaller closets where you don’t have enough shelving available to your sweaters, scarves, etc.


Dividers. These are great for organizing sweaters, t-shirts, etc. on top shelving.


Glasses case. Keeps your glasses separated, clean, and organized!


Shoe Organizer! I used this for my tennis shoes. They fit perfectly in the compartments.


Over the door shoe organizer. I used this for my sandals, flip flops and some flats. Perfect for small closet organization or if you have a ton of shoes like me and have no where to put them.


Purse organizer! Comes in different sizes to fit different size purses. I use mine in my Neverful GM and bought the size XL, it fits perfectly. Game changer!!

I have saved my closet organization stories to my highlights if you would like to see how I used these items!


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