My name is Micaela Provenzano and I live in Oklahoma City with my husband and three dogs. I have had a passion for fashion and traveling ever since I was a little girl. I graduated with a B.S. in Fashion Marketing and currently work full-time as a Director of Marketing + Brand Development. I created Hint of Strawberry in order to have an outlet for my creativity, to share my true passion with the world, and make genuine connections with brands and my followers.

Hint of Strawberry is a blog designed for women who are interested in quality fashion and travel inspiration as well as some lifestyle. Providing real and genuine product and service reviews that portray and align with Hint of Strawberry’s personality, core values, and lifestyle. Hint of Strawberry’s followers trust that they are receiving only honest feedback which creates a deeper value and connection they feel towards her brand.

Her style is impeccable, but her heart and passion is why I follow her. She’s an inspiration to so many woman. Everything she does has poise and grace with a hint of badass!

-Hint of Strawberry Follower, Toyie

Working with Hint of Strawberry is an honor! She is very well known in the community and is consistently referring new clients which has helped me grow tremendously. Micaela is a breath of fresh air to my business!

-Hint of Strawberry Sponsor, Airbrush Tans by Hannah